Last Call K-9 Resources

After running a rescue for almost 10 years, we decided to switch gears and help with a bigger issue in the dog world. Spay and neuter is a huge need! We want to help keep the pet population down by helping prevent accidental unwanted litters. Spay is our primary focus. We also help with microchipping, dog food and would like to be able to help with other medical needs that arise and aren’t in the every day budget so dogs don’t have to be put to sleep due to financial issues. Shelters and rescues are overly full. Helping cut down on unwanted litters will help with over population.

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Donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated!  You may make a check to HDCF (High Desert Community Foundation) with “Last Call K-9 Resources” in the memo section.  Send to HDCF,  P.O. Box 2028, Apple Valley, CA 92307.  You may also donate via PayPal: