High Desert Community Foundation’s Fiscal Sponsorship program is a comprehensive alternative to starting up and running a nonprofit organization by enabling leaders to cultivate innovative ideas for social good without the administrative burdens and bureaucratic red tape that go along with creating a stand-alone organization.

Sponsored projects operate under our status as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  They are able to apply for and receive grants and other charitable donations.

High Desert Community Foundation offers donors many services and benefits.  We routinely work with families, individuals, attorneys, estate and financial planners, to design gift plans that fit every economic situation.  This ensures that donors receive the most benefit from their charitable contributions and that their philanthropic dollars are used to the fullest extent.

Endowments are built through contributions from donors in the High Desert area.  We accept gifts of various sizes and types from private citizens, local corporations, other foundations, and government agencies.  Nearly every type of gift–cash, real estate, stock, artwork and insurance–can be contributed to High Desert Community Foundation.  Gifts are made from living donors and by bequests through various types of funds and deferred giving vehicles.  The funds are invested in diverse portfolios.  We evaluate and help coordinate the needs and services in our community, so that charitable gifts are used effectively to fulfill a community’s most critical needs.

Donors to the High Desert Community Foundation are as diverse as the services we provide.  Anyone can give anytime and in any amount…