Clarence Muirhead Memorial Scholarship

Upon graduating from San Diego State University his business card read “Clarence Muirhead, Teacher”! The San Bernardino County Sun dated Thursday, May 4, 1967 announced he “was approved as a new teacher who would start teaching math in the fall at Apple Valley Junior High”. He would also get involved in coaching track and field.

Clarence Muirhead

He was always interested in the athlete’s ability to do his very best regardless of how he finished. His compassion for the student-athlete was one of his greatest virtues. The student-athlete was fortunate to have him as a mentor.

In 1972 he left for and taught for a year in Australia. When he returned he taught at Hesperia Junior High (HJH) for a number of years. He also coached the Roadrunners cross-country team – a job he really enjoyed as you can see in pictures below from the Roadrunner Yearbook.

Clarence Muirhead 2

Clarence Muirhead 3

He was respected early on and throughout his teaching career.

At HJH in the 1977 Teacher Poll “the Favorite Teacher for the 9th grade class of 76-77 is Mr. Muirhead!!! His main fans are his entire Algebra 9A class! (Plus some of his former students). Many students commented that they respect Mr. Muirhead’s strict discipline rules because he really doesn’t have any! He just expects good behavior and that is what he gets in his class or you are out of his class, which is your loss!!!!!!

In the 1979 Teacher Poll, “Again, Mr. Muirhead was the over-all favorite. He came in first with a wooping (sic) 65%” (of the 100 students polled).

He also taught at Apple Valley High School. Clearly, teaching was his passion. Thumbing through class yearbooks, the family discovered that his students had great love and admiration for their teacher, “Mr. Muirhead.” He retired from teaching at Apple Valley High in 1992.


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