Community Stewardship Project


This fund was founded by Neville and Tamara Slade who seek to educate the leaders of the future, to take action and responsibly manage nature, people and money towards a sustainable future. The biggest loser in our struggle to make a dollar is the earth and disadvantaged peoples of the world. This program seeks simple time-tested solutions to better balance our financial, social and natural resources.  This project seeks to inspire future leaders through a project-based, hands-on educational model. Workshops are conducted at an “off-the grid” learning center in Apple Valley, where interns and students learn to apply the simple technologies of living sustainabily, to share with other people locally and abroad.


To inspire community building and leadership through supporting wise stewardship of social, environmental and financial resources, to ensure a healthy and sustainable future.

Taking Action

Focus on engaging local community members in Stewardship Projects, to build ownership and responsibility for the solutions to community needs.

Active engagement and education of local community, through workshops, citizen science and “hands-on” experiential learning.

Current Stewardship Projects

Designed to find solutions to local needs and issues:

  1. Animal Husbandry-Educating and supporting FFA and 4H Livestock Projects.
  2. Healthy Food- Educating and supporting local food production
  3. Renewable Energy- Educating and supporting community solar projects
  4. Mojave Watershed Project- Educating and supporting stewardship of this unique and incredibly important watershed that includes:
  •    Mapping of the watershed with particular reference to suitable motorized and non-motorized trails
  •    Support of current habitat restoration projects
  •    Trash clean-up
  •    Community engagement via workshops, hikes, mountain bike and horse rides

Donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated!  You may make a check to HDCF (High Desert Community Foundation) with “Community Stewardship Project” in the memo section.  Send to HDCF, P.O. Box 2028, Apple Valley, CA 92307.  You may also donate via PayPal: