We are a growing group of High Desert residents who share a common vision: to reclaim, repurpose  and revitalize – for our community- the iconic and historic place known as Hilltop House atop Bass Hill.


The iconic property  represents the epicenter of Apple Valley origins and cultural development.  It is our vision to showcase our Town’s unique history and provide a tangible,  long-range vision by saving this recreational hilltop haven and the High Desert’s most unique parcel.

The short range, RECLAIM  Phase includes:

Address first costs and keep it simple Acquisition of Property Trail Insurance Maintenance Program Survey and Public Safety Resolution of Hilltop House Ruin Celebrate:  open sections of Bass Hill as a Community Pack In Pack Out Trail

Its up to this generation to correct 2 plus decades of indifference. If not us, than who ?

Its up to this generation to correct 2 plus decades of indifference. If not us, than who ?

The long-range, REPURPOSE and REVITALIZE Phase include features such as:

Master Planning The Trail in conjunction with stakeholders and local students
An Observation Deck with a 360° panoramic view
Picnic and contemplative areas
Hiking and horseback trails
Pavilions, memorials, monuments, plaques & bricks to celebrate our community and region
AV Legacy Center (retail district below) where historic items and memorabilia will find a home
AVLT R.O.P. Progams, Scholarships and More

A pack in pack out trail; a generational bridge from our past to our future.

A pack in pack out trail; a generational bridge from our past to our future.


The Big Picture

Yes –  we want to reclaim our distressed landmark for the community.  No – this is not an attempt to bring back the past in some last ditch, nostalgic reach for the impossible or to build a French restaurant. We Are embracing this truth: Apple Valley will not be recognizable in decades to come as our population continues to grow and the last open fields and vistas vanish.

At our mission’s core and with your help: We will reclaim stewardship of our cultural landmark for the next generation. We will create and preserve a simple pack-in-pack out Community Trail. Together, we will begin the unique – new legacy chapter – of Bass Hill.


Consider joining us on this Generational Trail. Many of your friends and neighbors already have and they saved you a saddle.

Visit our website at www.applevalleylegacytrail.org for more Trail Dust.


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And maybe you’re a High Desert business person who recognizes the economic development value of the AVLT as a destination spot for the vacation and recreation travelers teeming on our highways.  Here’s your opportunity to brand your enterprise with the AVLT as a “Business Trail Rider!”


Donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated!  You may make a check to HDCF (High Desert Community Foundation) with “Apple Valley Legacy Trail” in the memo section.  Send to HDCF, 16020 Apple Valley Road B6, Apple Valley, CA 92307.  You may also donate by using a credit card or PayPal: